Taking Care Of Your Horse’s Teeth


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The thing you need to pay the most attention to as your horse ages, are his teeth. More at veterinary practice management software.

Horses are, of course, grazing animals and their mouths are set just right for that angled neck hanging down to graze, nip and shear grass off and grind and chew it. Their teeth may slowly and gradually fall off with regular mincing over the years. This makes eating hard for your horse and also usually means if he can’t eat accordingly, he will learn to lose condition. Tribulations then arise from that cause.

The best thing you can do for your older equine is to have the Vet check his teeth twice a year for any abnormal wear, waves, hooks, or sore gums. Doing this will keep your horse teeth in a fine condition so we recommend that you do this soon. In anticipation, start him on mashes slowly so if he gets to the point where he needs them on a regular basis, he is already used to them.The best health care for horses can be learned from your personal veterinarian. Ask questions to your doctor in order to find out how to best care for your equine animals. Aside from that, another good source is the internet. Check out veterinary management for the best sources online.

Between visits, check your horse’s mouth and watch for problems with eating, like quidding, head throwing, choking or difficulty with drinking. Long fiber food are among those he may not be able to ingest quickly. You can solve this challenge by converting to shorter cropped hay and/or add high fiber cubes as mash or straight. If you always watch out for dental issues, it will save you your horse a lot of grief, and you could save money and problems in the future.

There are a variety of factors that will identify the aging process of your horse – breed, medical history, conformation and work load. Each equine is an individual. So how they get older will be different. Older horses are generally called as veterans or campaigners. At this age, he is comparable to a 60-year old human being.

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