Horse Rescue


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What are some good ways to help rescue a local horse?

only rescued 22 horses, three goats and five chickens in August. doing what they are experiencing really bad. what are some good things to do to help raise money for them? they are the only local rescue and he can not stand more horses in it if they do, will have to close.

First, can volunteer their time and services. Having rescued many animals the workload will be much higher! In addition, volunteering with the animals is fun! To raise some money that you can put together a "tack auction," where local people and surrounding communities to donate their unwanted tactics and supplies, then that auction. Or you can make an exchange of course is meet, where people pay a nominal fee to swap tack together. You just provided the place. How about "equine education" seminars on the farm? People can learn all sorts of things about animals (especially horses) and tour the facility, but would pay a small fee to take the seminar. Some ideas are: the horse care, proper nutrition, equine equipment, decent housing. Then at the end of the seminar is designed to take donations also additional. Or, how to organize an event horse in the rescue? Equestrian area could not compete for money or prizes for themselves, but for the glory or resume building opportunity. I bet I could work with local associations (such as hunter jumper association, race or associations) to attract more people and advertising support. And if you are able to partner with an organization maybe you can make the program describes as "points" or awards from other associations? How about a "hiking trail a-thon? People could collect pledges for each mile or riding obstacle course and the money would go to the rescue. Something as the march of dimes, but for horses? I hope these ideas help you. Good luck.