Can Horse Joint Supplements Protect My Performance Horse?


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As a performance horse owner, you’ve dedicated both time and finances to provide the level of care your horse deserves but you still may have questions. You may have heard about horse joint supplements but still be wondering how true the advertisements are. Here’s the information you’ll need to decide for yourself if horse joint supplements are the right choice for your horse.   


Horse Joint Supplements- Basic Information about Joint Health


Monitor your horse’s muscle development, diet and joint health. Every decision you make concerning the health of your horse should be made with care. With performance horse issues that can range from slow healing injuries to Degenerative Equine Osteoarthritis, preventative measures are vital.


Fundamentals of Horse Joints


There are three different types of horse joints.


  • Joints located in the skull are known as Fibrous joints. These joints do not move and therefore do not often suffer direct damage due to rigorous performance. 


  • Cartilaginous joints are also immobile and can be found in your horse’s vertebrae. Since they generally suffer little damage during performances, trainers and handlers usually don’t have to about these joints.


  • Joints located in the forelimbs and rear limbs of the horse as well as in knees, shoulder and elbows are known as Synovial joints. The synovial joints are highly mobile and they support most of the weight and shock of the horse as it moves, therefore are most susceptible to damage.


Cheap Horse Joint Supplements- Types of Joint Damage


Because a performance horse spends a great deal of time in training and strenuous activity, its joints may become strained and damaged. The greatest amount of weight is put on the Synovial joints. According to Equine Practitioners studies, joint injuries are usually the result of overwork especially during equine competitions and events.


Preventative Measures Are Best


In order for your horse to remain healthy and injury free, his joints must be kept in top condition.

Joint medications prevent joint injuries and diseases which is the best care system for your horse.


Are Supplements the Answer?


Are horse joint supplements the answer to injury prevention and joint health? Supplements containing two key ingredients can help to prevent injury and promote overall health.


  • One supplement component called Glucosamine builds, maintains and develops strong, healthy joints.


  • The second ingredient to look for is MSM, which helps your horse’s muscles to form properly, since strong muscles lead to well-supported joints.

It is important not to fall for marketing hype and purchase supplements you know about. When you’ve combined a healthy diet, proper exercise and quality horse joint supplements, your horse will have the best chance of strong muscles, bones and joints. Your horse will perform well and grow with the help of cost effective supplements. Quality Horse Joint Supplements