The Beginners Guide To Riding A Horse


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Horse riding can really be enjoyable but it may also be a tough sport especially if you have no experience in riding an animal. To learn how to ride a horse, it's often possible to avail of a pony riding lesson in your locality. To prepare you and give you a background on riding, here's a handy guide on how to ride a pony.

Locate a good stable

Prior to learning to ride a pony, you should have a look for a good stable that have an experienced riding instructor to help out. The pony should be acceptable for newbies and the stable should have a good area to check ride your horse. A learners horse should be at least 8 years old and is calm and experienced.

How to ride a horse

Get your horse prepared and then you can mount it. You can either utilise a mounting block or get on the pony by getting a leg up. For amateurs, it is a good choice to employ a mounting block. Ask somebody to hold the horse in position and climb on the block while you hold the pony reins using your left hand. Place your left foot on the stirrup and spring your right foot. Get up on the pony and lower yourself to sit delicately on the saddle. Hold the reins in your hand and place your feet on to the stirrups.

The balancing act

On your first lesson, your instructor will lead the pony to give you the feeling of your pony. If you get the feeling of unbalance, hold the mane to get your balance back. You could feel a rocking motion, which is just ordinary. Move with the horse keeping your elbows light.

Riding position

When riding, keep your eyes straight forward with your back straight. Keep your feet on the stirrup with your heels pointing down. Remember that your heel, hip and shoulders should be aligned. You need to use different aids to keep control over your horse. Aids can be natural tools like your hands, legs and seat. You may also use man made tools like spurs or whips.

Riding techniques

Once you're able to ride on your animal the next horse riding lesson you must learn is to run. To trot, rise up in every other step. Your heel should be pointed down and remember to stay contact with your horse’s mouth. Next, you need to also understand how to canter. This has similarities to a fast rocking pace. You can do this by moving your legs slightly backwards and then squeeze.

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