How To Put A Horse Rug On A Pony


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When putting on a rug it's really essential to try to not make too much noise and to avoid approaching the pony in a fashion that might frighten them. It is usually recommended that you've a headcollar and the horse is tied soundly to avoid them moving and becoming tangled in the rug. Firstly double the rug over so that the within is facing outwards and the right side tail end pairs with the right hand side front end. This can make it easier to throw the rug over the horse’s back without making too much noise and flapping about. Place the rug across the horse’s back, with it further forward than it might often sit, then unfold it backwards.

Firstly fasten the front chest straps and work backwards. Gently pull the rug backwards to ensure the hair is seated in the correct way. The front straps ought to be done up first as the rug would still stay in place if the pony did come up with a way to get away. If the leg straps or belly straps were done up and the horse ran off then it could easily become caught or tangled up as the rug slips off backwards. Always check the rug and the straps fit properly.

When taking the rug off again firstly undo all the straps, beginning this time at the tail straps and progressing forwards till all of the buckles are undone. Then hold the front of the rug and fold it backwards in half before sliding the rug backwards off the horse’s rear. If it is a turnout rug and it is wet and muddy then always hang the rug up somewhere to dry out before using it again.

It is usually recommended that you check the fit of your rugs constantly and also check the pony all over for any trace of rubbing. It's also vital to clean your rugs on a consistent basis but before doing so you must try to remove as much mud while it is dry. This is accomplished by placing it over a fence and using a brush to remove whatever dust is possible. The underside should additionally be brushed to get rid of hair and any other dirt which may have amassed there. Another tip is by utilising non-detergent and non-bio soap because the detergent could cause damage to the rug over time.

There are lots of different rugs available for every occasion. Make sure you decide on the correct kind of rug for the occasion and the weather.

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